Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Rios have escaped!

We were planning on releasing the Rio Collection of images next week, but with Betty being out of action and very poorly, Suzi has been left in charge and who knows what is going to happen!!  Well to start of with we thought you might all want to have some new images to play along with over the weekend. So we decided to release the Rio Collection today instead of waiting any longer.

I guess you want to see some images before you go shopping, make sure you sitting comfortably as we have 8 brand new images to share with you.

All the images are available to see and purchase in the store and on the main SBS blog, and the wonderful DT will be bringing you some awsome inspiration over the next few days to get you in the mood!

I am GD again and trying as to do as much as possible to help support Betty through this difficult time,
so right now I have Rock and Roll Rio to show you.

With the real Rio having a a new hairdo there was only one colour this could be!  The blues pretty much match!!! 

Come back later when I will have at least one more to show you........  I hoping to get more done but life has a habit of happening aswell.  And as this release has been bought forward to help out and I wasn't even involved with it originally I have nothing planned!!!!  I am flying by the seat of my pants .... lol!!!!!!

See you later xxx

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