Thursday, 8 November 2012

SBS NORSE GODS preview day 3

Today we have another two new NORSE GOD stamps from Simply B Stamps to show you.

Did you guess who they might be??

Rio Hel

Rio as Hel was one of Loki's own daughters, and was sent to overlook the realm of the dead by Odin. Like Hades of Greek mythology, she not is not inherently evil, merely overseeing a domain that no other would want to do.

Lola Sif

Lola as Sif is the Norse Goddess of the grain, who is a prophetess, and the beautiful golden-haired wife of Thor.

So only two left to preview before you can get these beauties!  Won't they make the best cards??

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So don't forget to come back tomorrow.


  1. Such elegant detailed work just lovely lady :-)

  2. Fabulous cards Trudie, I love the images and the flowers x

  3. Wonderful work, Trudie! Great papers and fab flowers!