Friday, 9 November 2012

SBS NORSE GODS release day!


It's finally release day for the NORSE GODS

But first let us show you the last two.

They are of course Mum and Dad!!

Betty Frigga

Betty as Frigga, the wife of Odin and the Matriarch of the Norse pantheon. She is the only one allowed to sit in Odin's throne. She is the epitomy of motherhood and fertility, and the goddess that mothers turned to. The attempts to prevent from Baldur from ever being hurt and failing could've explained the winter as she was mourning.

Chris Odin

Chris as Odin King of the Norse gods , god of poetry, battle and death. Chief god of the Aesir. Also known as the “all-father”, the “terrible one”, “one-eyed” and “father of battle”.

Don't forget the other girls again!!
We have the gorgeous Anda joining us today after winning one of the 13 days of Halloween challenges!!

  So there you are..... you have now seen all 8 and how awesome are they??  One thing is for sure, that Betty certainly knows how to create some pretty unique images.  Each and everyone has their own personality and there is no mistaking an SBS character!

So now there is only thing left to do.......


  1. beautiful cards, LOVE them!

  2. Super cards Trudie. The images and your colouring are fantastic. I just love the flower arrangement too.
    It's been really interesting to read all about the different Gods x