Saturday, 25 May 2013

Oh dear a new obsession!!!

Today I received what I am calling, PEN PORN!!!

This is just part of a nice big 'craft porn' stash that I got from That Craft Place.

Well what can I say, I am in love!  Really i am a die hard copic fan and don't usually like the bullet nib but these are gorgeous.  They blend lovely.

Here is my VERY FIRST colouring with them.

I am limited with my colours and this is done purely with the Graph'it markers.

Think I need more and SOON!!!

I shall be using these a lot!


  1. Hi Trudie
    this is lovely
    whats in the bottle? and do you need to use it with the pens? and is it special paper you have used?

    1. Hi Scatty x The bottle is extra mix it fluid for blending, cleaning and thinning. Its in a spray so I am aiming to have a play with it tomorrow..... I am using the same paper I use with all my other pens... I use xerox 280gsm, nothing special at all!! The thing that looks like paper in the photo is actually blending sheets, you can mix different colours together on it and then use the blender pen like a paint brush to colour your picture!! Still needs lots of playing and practice but the blending capabilities are fabulous and really smooth. xx

  2. Oh wow thanks Trudie
    I love the sound of blending sheets and mixing different colours - they sound wicked