Friday, 17 August 2012

SBS Jude Halloween Blog Hop (Pic heavy + tutorial)

WOWHOO!!  So it's finally time to hop with Jude and the Rockers Halloween.
Some of you had a taster of our creations at the beginning of the week but today is a chance to see them all! 
Also after lots of persuading for the SBS fan page on Facebook I have done a tutorial on how to create some super cute t-shirts using these gorgeous images.
Well you should've arrived here from Suzi.
Here is a full list so you dont miss anyone

SBS & Betty
Trudie - you are here!





Right now for the fun bit!!

First up we have

Dark Fairy Brittany

Little Bat Ali

Little Pumkin Lilly

Of course you have already met

Little Skeleton Oscar

Little Witch Ariel

Now it is time to meet the little monster himself!!

Here is Little Monster Jude

Of course this is just his cute little face!!  I have made this into a mask for my nephew Gethyn.
Unfortunatly I haven't seen him to be able to mark out where his eye holes need to go yet!

And here is his t-shirt.

And here is how it is done!

I have done this on an ordinary cheap t-shirt from Asda.
£2 for 3!! (age 1-1 1/2)  Bargin, at this price if it messes up you can just have another go, either that or do 3 different ones!!
This technique can be used on any fabric item, so you can even have your own tote bags!

Stage 1

Wash and iron the t-shirt...... this not only will pre-shrink it, but it will also remove any 'finishes' to the fabric.

Use your chosen digital image in your usual computer program and make the image to the desired size.

Note the phrase at the bottom left.
If you want to include words on your garment DON'T FORGET to reverse them....
that way, when ironed onto the fabric the letters will appear the right way round!
Believe me it is easy to forget!!

Use Iron-on Transfer Paper and print on it is as you would normally.

Cut around the image leaving a narrow margin, this helps with keeping the lines neat and also allows for the removing of the backing paper without damaging the image.

Place upside down onto the t-shirt and make sure your positioning is as you want it to be.

Iron in place, making sure you follow the instructions on the transfer paper packet.
Iron evenly and smoothly.

(very important.... try to remove the backing paper to soon and not only will it be really hot, the transfer image won't be 'set' and you risk damaging it)

Once cool, peel of the backing CAREFULLY!

This is then how it should look!
Notice how the words are now the right way.

And now for colouring.

I have used my copics to colour this, you can of course use pro-markers aswell.  They are alcohole based and therefore will with stand washing.


The pens WILL NOT act the same as they do on paper or card and some care has to be taken when using them.  Build colours up..... start very light and work to darker, the ink tends to 'move' around if to much is applied and is then a real pain to try and remove.   Short, light strokes work best and try not to work one area to much..... this will lift ink and it will start to pool. 
Also dont work to close to the lines, some colours tend to bleed more than othersand it is always best to play safe and then fill in the gaps.

Leave to dry fully.
And there it is!! 
A few things to remember with this is not to wash on a hot wash.  Keep the temperature cool and don't iron over the transfer.  This will melt it and make a mess of your iron!!  The same should be said about tumble driers aswell.

The final step is to make someone very happy and watch thier face light up with something completely unique and special!!

Unfortunatly I don't have that picture to show you yet!!

I hope this has been of some help and I would really appriciate your feed back and comments.

There is another technique the same as this where you colour the image BEFORE ironing it to the fabric.  This makes the colours look slightly duller but works just aswell.

You can also stamp and colour straight onto fabric using Versa Craft ink pads.  Just be carefull when colouring with your pens as you may be likely to lift and smudge the ink.  This can be sealed with a hot iron. 

If anyone is interested in a tutorial on that then please let me know.

Good Luck and I can't wait to see what you all make now!!

Check out Corinnes beauitful treat bag she has made for her grandchildren using this idea.

Start simple and work up to something elaborate when you have the confidence.

Get practicing now and just think of all those great christmas gifts you will be making with the up and coming releases from Simply B Stamps!!!

Thanks again


Here is my beautiful Gethyn in his special one off t-shirt!

Cute or what!!


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