Sunday, 30 December 2012

Irene's Surprise Birthday Blog Hop

Today its the turn of the nice twin to celebrate her birthday!!
I know right, But it was Corinne's birthday yesterday?  How cool is it to be twins born either side of mid night?? lol!!
Here is the hop list again for you to follow
So here is my card..... once again I have been naughty and used a different image to everyone else..... I love these and just hadn't had a chance to use them ........ so here is Irene's card.
Happy Birthday Sweety!!


  1. Love it!! What image is that? I love what you used!

  2. I love this - hell, I love all your cards :D

  3. Hey where is Irene's headshot? AWESOME job Trudie, just LOVE the card and was so so sweet of you..
    Many hugs my friend!!

  4. oooh la la.......... Great card....