Saturday, 29 December 2012

Corinne's Surprise Birthday Blog Hop

Today belongs to our very own BRINCH!!!
Its Corinne's birthday.....but not her twin Irene's!
Those of us at the SBS DT and Fan Page decided to do a surprise blog hop just to show how much we really care about the wicked witch!!!!!
Here is the blog hop list incase you have missed any of the witty and cheeky comments ... they are certianly worth a look at!
Here is my card.......... I had many ideas for sentiments for this including 'I may be a bitch but at least I am beautiful', but I thought I would just keep it cute and simple....... just like Corinne herself!!!

Happy Birthday Corinne!!!  Love you really!!!


  1. I love this card!! If Corinne doesn't want it I'll have it!! ;) xxx

  2. I KNEW that you truly LOVED her lol....Perfect card.............

  3. What a Beautiful card, thank you so so much...Oh and Trudie?? I love you too!you are a very good friend :)

  4. I love this card!!!! GREAT JOB!!

  5. LOVING IT! LOL you and Corinne crack me up!

    Betty Boo