Sunday, 3 July 2011


Well here goes, lets see if this works! I am finally entering the blog world. This is something I have wanted to do for years but have always put it off because of nerves or lack of confidence or whatever but after having a big talking to with myself I have decided that now is the time. Please bare with me this is really a tester right now..... if this works I shall be sharing many more pictures and useless information with you!
Right .... I am now going to attempt to add a picture of my latest card using a magnolia image....ahhhh ok, so the image has come out up there!! oh well I shall try and remember that in future but for now I am going to leave it all as it is. I guess it will be something to look back and laugh at when I become a wizz at this!!! Now all I have to do is save it to the blog......mmmm, this will either be goodbye from me for now or me being a very happy girl who can do things on her own after all!!!


  1. Your a nutter!!! The post is fine... always upload your photo first and then do your writing.... that means you can have your photos where you want on the page! x

  2. Wow your card is fabulous!
    Love your gorgeous colors and such pretty papers and detail!
    thanks to visit my blog....

  3. Hi Trudie! I found you :) Gorgeous card, love the colours. Looking forward to seeing some more of your creations.