Monday, 4 July 2011

Day 2!!

This is just a quick post to get me into the habit of writing them!
Well here we are at mid day and it is boiling hot!!! So far I have spent this morning getting to grips with this blog and just learning a few more bits and pieces. I was very surprised when I actually got the TOMIC blinky to work!! Also if you are reading this then please check out the wonderful Make it Crafty and thier wonderful first birthday candy comp.
Right, back to this afternoon, I am planning on bossing the other half around and getting him to print out a whole new load of back grounds, papers and images for me to have a play with. I am going to sit up at my table with a nice cold milkshake and start on making some more cards out of all the various bits and pieces I have lying around. I have so much stuff and not enough room so at least if it gets made into something then bits wont get lost of damaged!!
Might even try and post pictures again later! xx

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  1. Look at you go..... Your getting the hang of it now! x