Sunday, 29 July 2012

Show us your stash!

Today, we are starting something new over at That Craft Place.

Every other week we are going to ask you to show us something.

This week its your pens!  We want to see what you use to colour all those wonderful images out there.

The DT team have posted photos of our pens and there is a linky for you to show us yours. 

Here are my pens.

I store my complete collection of Pro markers in a super cheap wooden wine rack from the Range.  I also use this for my Flexi markers.

My Copic Ciaos are stored in the plastic containers that hold 72 pens.  
I also have a 72 and a 24 pen copic wallet.  This is where I keep my Copic Sketch pens and any other extras.

Piling them up like this was the only way I could photograph them for you!!

I am saving showing you my pencils, inks, sprays and pan pastels to another day!!

So come on then....... your turn now!!!

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