Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Day 4- Olympians with a twist

Well first things first....... Happy 4th July to all my gorgeous American buddies!!
You know how much I love you all even though you drive me insane..... ah Corinne??? lol!!

So we are here to preview our next Olympian........ OK, so this sport isn't officially in the Olympics, but it is July 4th and lets face it, Roller derby is typically American, so why not have a gorgeous girl showing her skills??

And here she is

Roller Derby Wednesday

Being a fan of Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore in 'Whip it', I had to colour her in green and black!!

Well I hope you like our Wednesday ....... I think she is awesome!!

Still more to come!!

See you tomorrow for the next athlete!



  1. Oh nice! I loved that skater movie...Great job!

  2. Awesome. I love it......So coool......

  3. That movie was great! Love how you colored Wednesday like it. Great senti - the highest compliment for a girl skater!

  4. I like that you chose the color green for Wednesday. It looks fabulous!!

  5. What a Super FANTASTIC JOB!!! Love the Green / Black!